Archived Lectures


1. Life of Christ
2. Pau's First Missionary Journey
3. Paul's Second Missionary Journey
4. Paul's Third Missionary Journey
5. Cities of the 7 Churches of Asia
6. Christians in a Pagan Society
7. In the Steps of Moses and Joshua
8. How We Got the Bible

Study Trips

I hope you will consider travelling with us on one of our tours of Bible Lands. Since 1995 I have been conducting tours to sites of particular interest to Bible students and teachers. This year Jacob Shock joined us again as we traveled to Italy, Sicily, and Malta in the steps of the Apostle Paul. To get an idea of this year’s trip and the sorts of trips we’ll be planning for the future, take a moment and view the brochure for Paul’s Road to Rome, April 22-May 3, 2014.

Past Trips

Our trips to Bible lands have given us a double treat. First, we have seen thrilling sites from Jerusalem to Rome and Philippi to Abu Simbel. Now, when we read our Bibles these places come alive for us. Second, we have traveled the ancient roads and sea lanes with good friends we knew and friends we made. See a sample of both below.




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