Monthly Archives: February 2014

“May I Have Your Coat?”

You may recall Inspector Clouseau's (Peter Sellers) disappointing experience at the entrance of a hotel in Switzerland. He is met by a man who asks, "May I have your coat?" to which Clouseau replies by removing and handing the man his coat. This sequence continues with, "May I have your gloves, ... your hat, ... your scarf, ... etc.?" to which Clouseau responds by removing and handing
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The Monuments Men

Nancy and I go to a movie at our local Malco Theatre about once a year.  (I don't need to tell you why once a year.)

Our selection for 2014 is The Monuments Men.  It has been panned as an unfocused series of tenuously related vignettes, a mediocre rendition of an ill-defined plot, a film released in mid-February because it does not merit prime season screen space.

Admittedly, it

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