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Greetings from the Pontine Marshes

Reading Acts 28:13-16 one assumes that once Paul and the Roman centurion guarding him landed at Puteoli* (modern Pozzuoli), they just traveled up the Appian Way toward his audience with "Caesar" in Rome (Acts 25:10-12).  Actually, it was a little more complicated than that.  First, Paul and his fellow travelers had to get to the Appian Way, starting from Puteoli.  Then, there were the Pontine Marshes to

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Greetings from Syracuse and Beyond

After his shipwreck on the shores of Malta, the Apostle Paul remained on that small island for three months, ministering to the father of Publius, "chief man of the island," and many others.  He was then put on an Alexandrian vessel bound for Rome, but touched at Syracuse on the island of Sicily and "tarried there three days" (Acts 28:7-12).

Sicily is characterized by blazing summer heat.  There

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14 Nights to Malta

No, that's not how long it took our tour group to get to Malta.  It's how long it took the Apostle Paul to get there from the island of Crete aboard a storm-tossed Alexandrian wheat ship, ca. A. D. 58.

The account of Paul's voyage to Rome in the book of Acts of the Apostles says:  "But when the fourteenth night was come, as we were driven up

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More Greetings from Italy — well Malta actually…

On our recent Italy/Sicily/Malta tour (April 22-May 3), our primary interest was in sites connected with the Apostle Paul's voyage to Rome (ca. A. D. 58).  But we did it backwards.  We started in Rome and traveled south to Malta.  It was not practical to start our trip in Malta and end it in Rome -- as Paul did -- because of airline schedules and other considerations.

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Greetings from Italy — Well, Sort of…

I intended to send a daily blog from Italy while our MBH (Museum of Biblical History) group was there.  Technical difficulties intervened.  Result -- no daily blog.  If you watched for it every day (April 22 -- May 3), please accept my apologies.  In the next several days I hope to share some of the experiences we enjoyed on this tour of mainland Italy, Sicily, and Malta.


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