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Forgiveness — Repentance a Requisite? No. 1

In order for one of us to forgive another, must that other person genuinely repent of the wrong he or she has done us?  What if a person who has wronged us shows no sign of a change of heart (repentance) and will not ask us for forgiveness?

Best to answer these questions with the answers to two more:  1) Must unrepented sin be forgiven by God and/or

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Forgiveness and Payback

Have you ever heard someone say, "Sure, I'll forgive him -- the day he pays me back everything he took!"  Forgiveness doesn't work that way.  It is not likely anyone will ever be able to compensate us fully for the wrong they have done us, even if they wish to do so.  We will have to forego payback if we are going to forgive.

God Himself does not

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