Monthly Archives: October 2014

See You at the Museum

The Museum of Biblical History in Collierville, Tennessee, is entering a period of transition.  After several years in service as our Executive Director, Jacob Shock has resigned from that post.  All of us who have come to appreciate his presence on our town square and the contributions he has made to the advancement of the museum wish him well as he moves on to new opportunities and

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Forgiveness — Repentance a Requisite? No. 2

In part No. 1 of this discussion (Sept. 29, 2014), "Forgiveness -- Repentance a Requisite?" I answered the first of these two questions: 1) Must unrepented sin be forgiven by God and/or man? 2) What ought the posture/attitude of the offended party be toward an offender who gives no evidence of a desire for forgiveness?

My answer to that first question was no.  I know of no evidence

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