Greetings from Italy — Well, Sort of…

I intended to send a daily blog from Italy while our MBH (Museum of Biblical History) group was there.  Technical difficulties intervened.  Result — no daily blog.  If you watched for it every day (April 22 — May 3), please accept my apologies.  In the next several days I hope to share some of the experiences we enjoyed on this tour of mainland Italy, Sicily, and Malta.

The first two and a half days of the tour, we were in Rome — and so were one million other visitors.  Pope Francis decided to canonize two of his predecessors, John XXIII and John Paul II, during our visit there.  So, we were joined at nearly every site we visited by hundreds of thousands of folks combining sight-seeing in the ancient city with their plans to witness the proceedings scheduled for Sunday, April 27.  But everyone maneuvered around us, and we around them, very cordially, and we all had a grand time.

More important than the fun on this tour, however, was the wonderful opportunity we had to see sites connected with the lives and deaths of the Apostles Peter and Paul — and to walk in the steps of Paul, from the site of his shipwreck on the island of Malta to the Abbey of the Three Fountains where he was executed outside Rome.  We’ll look at these sites together in the next several days.

God bless, DB

Here we are at the Flavian Colosseum.




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