More Greetings from Italy — well Malta actually…

On our recent Italy/Sicily/Malta tour (April 22-May 3), our primary interest was in sites connected with the Apostle Paul’s voyage to Rome (ca. A. D. 58).  But we did it backwards.  We started in Rome and traveled south to Malta.  It was not practical to start our trip in Malta and end it in Rome — as Paul did — because of airline schedules and other considerations.  But in this blog report on the trip we’ll follow Paul’s route from Malta to Rome.

Gov't House, Valleta, Malta

Gov’t House, Valleta, Malta

You will remember from reading Acts, chapters 21-26, that Paul was falsely accused of taking Gentiles into a precinct of the Jerusalem Temple forbidden them.  Arrested and detained for two years in Caesarea on the coast of Palestine, Paul exercised his right as a Roman citizen to “appeal unto Caesar” and present his defense in Rome (Acts 25:10-11).  Acts, chapter 27, tells of his harrowing voyage to Rome, a voyage interrupted by a shipwreck on the island of Malta (Acts 27:27-28:1).

On our visit to Malta we were shown the bay where the shipwreck occurred.  I have wished to see this site for more than thirty years.

St. Paul's Bay, Malta

St. Paul’s Bay, Malta

I was rendered speechless by its complete conformity to the New Testament description of it.  Looking from the mainland of Malta, out into the bay, one can see a small island standing just off the western spit of land at its entrance.  Between this island and the spit there is the place “where two seas met,” and here the ship on which Paul was a prisoner ran aground (Acts 27:41).  More to come, DB




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