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Daily Family Bible Reader 1

The author developed this book for use with his own children. It is a series of 365 Bible readings designed to enable families, groups of friends, or individual Bible readers to survey the Bible’s historical books from Genesis through Acts of the Apostles. Each Scripture entry is accompanied by a few brief comments and two or three questions that help readers discuss the day’s Bible passage with fellow
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Daily Family Bible Reader 2

When the author finished surveying the Bible’s historical content with his children, using his Daily Family Bible Reader I (Genesis through Acts of the Apostles), he decided to do the same thing with the epistles (letters) of the New Testament (Romans through Revelation).  This book is the product of that year long study with his family. The same simple format is used throughout.  Each Scripture entry is accompanied
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Joseph’s Code

For thousands of years the story of Joseph has inspired young people around the globe to break the chains of temptation, trial, and hardship, and rise with the help of God to heights of courage, faith, and usefulness they would not have dreamed of otherwise. This 13 lesson Bible class workbook draws principles from the life and conduct of this remarkable young servant of God and applies those
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