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The Museum of Biblical History in Collierville, Tennessee, is entering a period of transition.  After several years in service as our Executive Director, Jacob Shock has resigned from that post.  All of us who have come to appreciate his presence on our town square and the contributions he has made to the advancement of the museum wish him well as he moves on to new opportunities and challenges.

Since December 31, 2012, I have been in retirement from active service in the museum, though serving as a member of the board.  At that time I was designated Chairman Emeritus by the board and assumed my days of active management of the museum were over.

DSCN0491However, the board has asked me to serve as Interim Executive Director.  I am doing so, and Nancy is helping me, as she did from the museum’s beginnings through its development in recent years.  She is a museum professional with a degree in Museum Management, years of experience as Director of the Carter House Museum in Franklin, Tennessee, and is a Museum Evaluator for the American Association of Museums.

I am grateful for her help.  I know some history, and some archaeology, and some Bible, and I will take care of that end of things, along with the help of part-time staff – Steven Turner, the museum’s Education Director, and Halley Simpson who helps us keep the business end of things in good order.Don=Nan_

These are challenging times for the museum, filled with new opportunities, on what Parade Magazine has recently called “America’s Best Main Street.”  Visitors from all over the U. S. and many other countries are coming to our historic town square — to site-see, dine, and visit our antique stores.  They also drop-in to see what our museum is about, and this gives us an opportunity to share the Bible and the world of the Bible with them.  I hope you will come see us, too, when you have the chance.  DB

a.k.a. Don Bassett, Ph. D.,  Interim Executive Director,  Museum of Biblical History


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