Why The Bible Museum?

I served as Chairman of the Museum of Biblical History, here in Collierville, Tennessee, for eighteen years.  I still serve on the board of the museum.  I carry a business card that introduces me as the “Chairman Emeritus” of the museum.  And I continue to support the museum whole-heartedly, though in retirement.  Why?  Because I believe in the importance of the museum and its mission.

History is worth studying.  Philosopher George Santayana warned that those who do not know their own history are bound to repeat it.  Read the Book of Judges to see what happened to a nation that no longer “knew the LORD, nor the works he had done for Israel” (Judges 2:6-10).  The Israelites by grace had marched out of slavery, and back into slavery they marched again, in their ignorance.

More recently, someone has said that a nation without a history is like a man without a memory — totally disoriented, “lost in space.”  A nation whose children are not taught its history will lose its identity.  Its citizens will become ambivalent, careless.  Ignorant of the sacrificial service of their forbears upon whose shoulders they are borne, they will squander the advantages thus obtained.

The mission of the Museum of Biblical History is to “present to the public, especially young people, the historical and cultural backgrounds of the Bible, the living word of God.”  We bring the tools to young people and other visitors to the museum that help them read the history of their Creator’s dealings among nations and individuals with appreciation and insight.  With words, films, pictures, maps, artifacts, replicas and hands-on experience, we aim to make biblical history clear and unforgettable!

God bless you for supporting the museum with your prayers, your words of encouragement, and your financial assistance.


  1. Mike Cook

    Thanks Don. Keep it up.

  2. Drake

    Many thanks. Great to see history alive on the public square!

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